Friday, 21 March 2008

When Raja Nazrin and I singing the same tune…

IPOH 20 March - The Regent of Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, advised the country’s leaders yesterday to refer to the records of world history to learn from the causes of the fall of many empires and governments, and even monarchs and national leaders.

He said there was historical evidence that many people were given the opportunity to become leaders, but only handful of individuals rose to be successful leaders who charted history and built civilizations,

“This happened because many of those given the opportunity to lead allowed the joy and passion of having power to lead them astray. Some among them became complacent, some went astray, some were ill-advised, some adopted wrong decisions and some made miscalculations,” he said at the state-level Maulidur Rasul celebration at the banquet hall of Bngunan Darul Ridzuan here.

Source : the Sun (21 March 2008)

Nota kaki:

I wrote a little bit about wrong decisions in one of my earlier postings. But many of us may have not noticed it and could not care less since the words came from me. Ah! Those are mere words… So what? What exactly is this Mohd Shah who calls himself Son of Abraham trying to say? Who is he trying to teach us about life and what the hell is he trying to prove? Oh please…

But then when the same words came from the Regent of Perak, it is of course a totally different story. It came out on the front page of the Sun newspapers (I doubt it if the mainstream newspapers would carry the headlines on their front pages). It may have also appeared on the screens of millions of desktops and laptops worldwide. And I guess from now on “the rakyat of Malaysia” will start talking about wrong decisions and it is going to be a new popular tagline… I hope.

Please do not ask me stupid questions like how I feel about it. It is just like a dumb “reporter” (not journalist) who arrives at a funeral and begins the interview with the dead man’s wife with stupid questions such as “Apa perasaan puan?” Can you imagine how the wife would feel?

In another common scenario, Nicole Ann David just won the World Squash Tournament. This stupid reporter comes running breathlessly, holding something in his hand that looks like a stupid microphone and then starts asking the same stupid question, “Nicole, congratulations! Do you mind telling us how you feel about winning the tournament for the fifth time?”

Aaggh! It is time to change, babes, really... Change! Change!

Please allow me to repeat what I wrote previously. Here goes;

One of the hardest things in life
is to “make the right” wrong decisions.
But mind you, although wrong decisions
can make life miserable,
sometimes they can also take you
to beautiful destinations.

The journey is slow and of course,
unbearably painful.

- Son of Abraham.


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