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Catatan Peribadi 2

Catatan peribadi 2 di bawah merupakan salah satu posting terpilih yang saya tulis untuk SDARA e-group (e-group bekas pelajar Sekolah Datuk Abdul Razak). Ruangan yang saya mulakan itu kadangkala mendapat reaksi yang menyentuh hati dan perasaan. Antara yang kerap memberi respons ialah senior Adib Noh dan Mansor Saad.
Catatan ini telah disunting tetapi keaslian maksud kandungannya tetap terpelihara – Mohd Shah Ibrahim.

From: "Mohd Shah Ibrahim" <>
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Subject: [sdar] Re: re: CATATAN PERIBADI
Date: Tues, 28 Sep 1999 11:52 PM

Adib and sdara,

I really envy that father and son relationship you have with your kids. As for me, I never really had the chance to be close to my late father. I never had the courage to approach him and talk about things as normal father and son would do, unlike my two daughters nowadays who can come to me any time and talk openly about their problems. I knew that my father loved me but nothing could change his undemonstrative character which I think was quite normal for fathers of that time.

It was really funny when every time I wanted anything from him I had to go through my mother who had to act as a middleperson. We had communication gap. But one thing I knew, he was always proud of me. No matter what, he would never miss to be present at my primary school annual prize-giving day. He would even cycle in the rain just because he didn't want to miss that "precious moment."

But sad to say, I didn't do well when in SDAR and I think I have failed him. (He didn't know that I passed my LCE since he passed away in Mecca shortly after the results were out and no one cared to write to him). But I guess that was not the end of me. I may have failed in school but it doesn't mean I will also fail in life.

If I can call what I have today is an achievement (by my own standard), I did all these for my father, and of course for my mother too.

Seriously, it is not an easy thing to do to recover what I have lost.

May my father's soul rest in peace.............


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Date: Wed, September 29, 1999 3:20 AM
Subject: [sdar] re: CATATAN PERIBADI

Mohd Shah and Sdara,

During my time, it was the same as far as father and son relation relationship was concerned. Somehow, I was lucky to have close relationship with my late father. My father lost his first child and wife due to birth complication. I was his first son and was born when he was 40 yrs. So you can imagine how happy he was and how I was loved and pampered by him.

One thing that really touched me in your email was your father real love for you. He cycled in the rain just to attend your school function. Now most of us have cars and yet quite a number of us still TOO BUSY to attend our kids school functions.


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From: Mansoor Saat <>
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Date: Wednesday, September 29, 1999 10:11 AM
Subject: [sdar] CATATAN PERIBADI

Mohd Shah,

You haven't failed until you say you've failed! Life isn't how you started or where you're now, but where you're at the end of the journey. I too failed in SDAR, a drop out, a goner. But I'll never fail in life because I say so.

One reason I'm attracted to your writings is that they are full of honesty and frankness which really are rare species in today's world. This Catatan Peribadi is an example. Writing means different thing to different people.

To Adib I think, it's a way to relate with people on ideas or matters of general interest. To Zook writing is a serious business and opinions have to be imparted. To Nawi, Abang Hussein and some others - the message is: let's have fun. Me? I don't really know what people think. Probably a half cooked philosopher/politician trying too hard to look smart;-).

Keep up with the good writing Mohd Shah.


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